13 Ways To Pampering Yourself On Your Birthday During Covid At Home (2022)

Go on – you do deserve it- we all deserve pampering- especially during your birthday or during Covid, why? 

  • Improves your health — and beauty. Whether at the spa or at home, taking time for a facial, massage or manicure is an important part of an overall wellness regimen. These treatments maintain and improve the health and condition of your body.
  • Reduces stress. Pampering can bring benefits that go beyond beauty. Elizabeth Scott, M.S., of About, explains, “The relaxation you get from [pampering] can trigger the relaxation response, which can prevent chronic stress from damaging your health.” So sidestep the effects of stress and improve your overall sense of wellness with some self-improving beauty treatments.
  • Supports self-esteem and happiness. Setting aside time to treat yourself is hard for many women — especially those who are caregivers at heart. But remember that feeling good about yourself and your appearance is an important part of happiness and supports feelings of well-being and high self-esteem.
  • Improves your relationships. When life gets busy, it’s hard to find time to nurture friendships and relationships. A day at the spa or at-home pampering is a healthy way to spend quality time with those you love.

Pencil yourself in – find the time. Make a date with yourself. Once a week or if only once a month. All bodies need ‘down’ time, especially in this hectic age of noise and information and stress we live in.

Now that you’re convinced that pampering is a must-have in any beauty routine, it’s important to try a variety of treatments. Here are some great ideas for what to do:

  • Facial. A facial is the perfect excuse to indulge in some down time while improving the health and appearance of your skin at the same time. Whether you’re concerned with aging, acne, skin tone or texture, many spas offer specialized facials that address your unique concerns. At the spa, a facial typically includes a skin analysis, steam, massage, mask and advice.
  • Fix your feet. Feet often get overlooked when it comes to special pampering, but there’s something particularly satisfying about knowing that inside your socks and shoes, you’re rocking gorgeous, glowing feet. From soothing dry heels to smoothing out rough, cracked skin, there are plenty of ways to pamper your feet at the spa, including special massages, scrubs and soaks. And don’t forget Pedicures in winter – Pedicures aren’t just for summertime. This beautifying process is a great way to keep your toenails healthy and radiant all year round.
  • Body scrub. Don’t limit spa treatments to your face. A full-body scrub brings the same beauty benefits. At the spa, you can expect a full-body scrub (sometimes called a salt scrub) to include exfoliation, a shower or rinse and an application of body oil or lotion.
  • Apply a mask. While a mask is a step that’s usually included in a facial treatment, you can also apply a mask by itself for some skin-improving pampering.
  • Faux glow. A sunless glow is a great pick-me-up. A growing number of salons offer spray tanning treatments that deliver an authentic tan — without the harmful side effects of the sun. You can experience a gorgeous faux glow in the comfort of home with a number of great products.
  • Waxing. Whether it’s a quick upper lip wax or longer leg wax, professional hair removal is a time-saving treatment that can improve the look and feel of your skin. Many day spas and salons offer single treatments or waxing packages.
  • Manicure. Healthy, polished nails are an easy way to improve your appearance and feel more put together. There’s a manicure for every personality.
  • Massage. Massage is a timeless treatment that reduces stress, soothes muscles and stimulates circulation. From a 30-minute sport to a one-hour Swedish, there’s a style of massage that suits every lifestyle. Check with your local spa to learn more about the many types of massage treatments available.
  • Bath. A restorative bath is a timeless way to nurture yourself. Turn on some soothing music, light a candle and run some steaming hot water. Add your favorite bath salts and slip into the bath for a relaxing soak. Try Himalayan Crystal Bath salt
  • Music – turn down the lights, get comfortable on the couch, put on a fragrant eye mask and listen to your favorite music on headphones. Take an hour away from th worlkd and float away

All of these ideas can be done in a spa center, but also at home.

Want to try a spa, but feel you can’t afford it, can’t justify the expense? Here are tips for saving money at the spa:

  • Splurge on one treatment a month. Whatever your income, set aside a certain dollar amount each payday for some pampering. Whether it’s $10 for new polish or $30 for a manicure, including this expense in your budget makes it easier to incorporate rejuvenating treatments into your routine.
  • Be flexible. During slow days of the week, including Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, many salons and spas feature treatments at a lower cost. Check online or call spas in your area to inquire about off-day discounts.
  • And use those Coupons and Groupons.   In addition to looking for coupons in the local newspaper, keep an eye on local spa Web sites for weekly or monthly specials. If they have an email subscription, subscribe , they will send you email of course, but also whenever they have a ‘sale’

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