Can Skin Tags Become Cancerous?

Skin tag removal can be considered once you have a deeper understanding of what skin tags really are and the impact they leave on the individual’s health and wellbeing. In this article, you will learn about what are the causes of the skin tags and what are the available treatment methods for you should you suffer from multiple skin tags.

A skin tag is a small skin growth or tumor that develops on normal skin. They are attached to the skin by thin tissues called stalks or peduncles and are normally a few millimeters in thickness. They can have the same color as the surrounding skin or are slightly pigmented. Skin tags would commonly be found on the neck, armpits, eyelids, under the breasts, groin, or genital areas, and under skin folds where frequent abrasion takes place.

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Skin tags, medically known as acrochordons are generally harmless and non-malignant like other skin abnormalities that could possibly become cancerous. They would appear without noticeable symptoms as well.

Some people are more prone to suffer from skin tags. Researchers have found out that skin tag occurrence could be attributed to several factors. Fat or obesity seems to be a major factor as skin tags are commonly found in obese folks. This could be due largely to the excessive skin folds they have. Skin tags have also been observed in pregnant women probably for the same reason. Age does have a role to play. Older people tend to have more skin tags when they progress in age. It is reported that skin tags occurrence could be passed down from one generation to another, ie hereditary. Even gender would affect the tendency of developing skin tags. Women tend to have a higher propensity to develop ugly skin tags.

Since they are benign and do not have an adverse impact on the health of the individual, people may wish to ignore them. However, in some cases, the sufferer could have multiple skin tags in huge numbers. They can be aesthetically undesirable and affect the overall appearance of the person. Imagine how one would look like with clusters of tightly spaced skin tags dangling in obviously visible body parts like the eyelids and neck? Very few people can accept and tolerate their existence in such circumstances. These poor victims would also fall prey to low self-esteem as they lose confidence in their physical appearances.

There is yet another group of individuals who would prefer to have the skin tags removed for another reason. Remember that these skin tags often occur underneath the skin folds and on the neck, and other body parts that come into close contact with the clothing we wear? A lot of abrasion or skin friction takes place and can be rather irritating and uncomfortable. They may even interfere with our daily activities such as playing sports, or just about any physical movements. Skin tag removal is obviously necessary.

In summary, there are several widely accepted methods of removing those skin tags, such as freezing the tag and stalk by cryotherapy, burning off the skin tags by a process called cauterization, or stopping the blood supply to each skin tag by binding the peduncle and letting them die off in weeks. The skin tags can also be surgically cut off with scissors or a scalpel at the dermatologist’s clinic. Finally, there are other effective and natural methods which you will find out in my subsequent articles.

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