Does Freezing Skin Tags Get Rid Of Them?

Skin tag freeze surgery – otherwise known as cryosurgery – is one method used by dermatologists to get rid of the skin condition. They simply sanitize the area, apply some liquid nitrogen and then let the tag fall off on its own.

The question is does this actually work? Well, at least most of the time. Skin tags are benign growths on the body. This simply means that they should not grow back once they are completely removed from the body. Cryosurgery is one way of getting rid of them, and it does a pretty good job at it.

The liquid nitrogen will also destroy the cells underneath the skin. This makes sure the body does not grow another tag on the affected area. You will also be in the hands of a skilled dermatologist, meaning that the risk of injury or infection is very low.

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What about the downsides of freeze surgery? There are actually three main problems with cryosurgery: price, pain, and scarring. The costs can range from anywhere between $50 and $200 depending on your dermatologist, and you can expect to pay more if you are going to have multiple tags removed. This can be a bit restrictive for some people, so plan your budget well if you opt for cryosurgery.

Another problem is the pain and irritation after cryosurgery. Removing with liquid nitrogen usually doesn’t require anesthesia, but the pain can be felt during and after the procedure. A careless dermatologist can also cause scarring on your skin. This happens if too much liquid nitrogen is used, so be careful when choosing a dermatologist to work with.

In a nutshell, skin tag freeze surgery is definitely worth the money and the pain. Just remember to find a good dermatologist to get the job done, and you’ll have no more problems with skin tags!

Can You Freeze Skin Tags Yourself At Home?

Many people may be curious as to whether or not they can freeze skin tags at home. After all, these things tend to pop up and hang around indefinitely unless you do something about them, and it sure would be nice if there was an easy way to get rid of them using something over the counter. The alternative of course is to go and have them removed by a doctor.

The problem with this is your insurance often will not pay, so that will leave you with a big old bill to pay all out of your own pocket. Further, you may be required by your insurance to get a referral, and that means you must schedule first an appointment with your general practitioner only to be referred to a specialist, usually a dermatologist.

Anyway, on to the subject at hand, can these pesky tags be removed at home? Basically, yes they can, but unfortunately, it is usually not possible to actually freeze them. The reason for this is that the kits you can buy in the store that are used for freezing moles don’t work very well. They are simply not strong enough. They don’t come close to what you can have done by a professional.

So, although there are various do-it-yourself methods for removing unsightly tags, if you want to freeze skin tags you’re sadly going to need to trek into your doctor’s office to get it done. You can use this as a last resort though since it is probably the most expensive method for removal.

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