Osmosis Skin Care Line

Osmosis skin care is a line of skin care products that are made from natural products that work to repair and rejuvenate your skin. The difference of Osmosis skin care line products from other skin care products in the market is that it has a product called phosphatidylcholine liposomes, which has, a similar make up as that of the human skin so that it is easily absorbed by your skin faster, easier and deeper so that the soothing properties of Osmosis products are able to work well on you.

Because Osmosis is a natural skin care line, the products focus on using the skin’s active antioxidants to boost the skin repair of itself from damages caused by various elements such as the sun, pollution from the environment, chemicals, wrong diet and many other reasons. The products have no fragrance, artificial preservatives, color and chemical additives which makes them come as natural as possible.

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Osmosis skin care line has a wide range of products that will help deal with any skin problems this is because Osmosis skin care products focus on working on the Dermis which is the inner layer of the skin. This layer contains blood vessels, and it supports the epidermis which is the top layer of the skin and provides the epidermis with nutrition and energy. The way, the Dermis works, will affect the way you look and that is why Osmosis skin care products concentrate on this vital but often neglected part of skin care while also working to rejuvenate and repair any damage on the epidermis.

Some of skin care product from Osmosis are cleansers; a Gentle cleanse, Purify which is an enzyme wash and both cleansers protect the lipid layer f your skin while ensuring that your dirt, makeup, oils and other dirt are thoroughly stripped from your skin. There is Osmosis Deep Clean which also protects your skin but cleanses your skin deeper than the other two cleansers. The Osmosis Replenish is an antioxidant serum is a natural product that will improve and repair your skin because of the natural and powerful antioxidants that it contains.

Osmosis skin care line has a number of treatment and transformation serums that will improve different and various skin conditions. For anti aging, you can use the Osmosis Correct moderate activity serum for normal skin or you can use the Osmosis Renew high activity serum which is for a more mature person. This work by stimulating collagen production so that your skin is more elastic and the effects of aging such as wrinkling and lines improve in appearance. They shrink the size of your pores and protect your skin from sun rays and environmental dirt and toxins. Other products in the treatment line are Osmosis Calm, Osmosis Clear, Osmosis Clarify, Osmosis Enlighten, Osmosis polish and Osmosis repair.

The transformation line has a number of serums that contain various natural components that work to repair the skin so that aging.

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