Vitamins And Minerals For Kids Supplements

You must have noticed various types of good vitamin for kids available in the market. Vitamins and minerals for kids supplements are at times given shapes of cartoon characters so that it looks more like candies, and children do not fuss while having them. How do you get to now if vitamins for kids supplements are necessary for your child? You have to keep a note of their food habits to come to a conclusion. Though whole food is the best way to feed your child with the necessary nutrients, there are cases when you have to depend on supplements.

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  • Picky eaters – it is very difficult to manage the food habit of children. They love gorging on fried and fast food, but tell them to have some healthy food, and they will start making faces. It is not always possible to scold them and make them eat what is good for them. At the same time if their body is denied of the necessary nutrients, they can fall weak. In such cases, vitamins and minerals for kids supplement are of great help so that your child gets his daily dose of essential nutrients.
  • Allergy to various food – food allergies becoming more and more common, making things difficult for parents. Many kids are allergic to healthy food like gluten, peanuts, milk and eggs. These are sources of essential nutrients and being allergic, deprive your child of the same. If your child, for instance, is allergic to milk, his body requirement of vitamin D will not get fulfilled, which plays a very important role for bone health. You should be make sure that you provide your child with vitamin supplements so that he does not suffer from its deficiency.
  • Fluctuating appetite – when kids go through a growing spurt, they are ready to eat almost anything they are offered. However, when the spurt gets over, you might find him not eating the right way. It is very normal for the kid’s appetite to be fluctuating. If they do not have a good appetite, and you are not being able to make him eat even his favorite food, you can opt for vitamins and minerals for kids supplement so that their need of daily nutrients is fulfilled.

Giving your child vitamin supplements should be secondary, if you can feed him with vitamin rich food, it should always be your priority. You might want to know about the essential vitamins for kids, and its sources. They are as follows:

  • Vitamin A – helps in the healthy development and growth, and  is essential for eyes, healthy skin, immune responses and bone and tissue repair. Its sources include cheese, milk, carrots and sweet potatoes.
  • Vitamin B – it helps in energy production, aids metabolism and promotes healthy nervous and circulatory systems. Its sources include cheese, milk, eggs, chicken, fish and Soya beans.
  • Vitamin C – it promotes healthy skin, muscles, and connective tissues. Food rich in vitamin C is strawberries, citrus fruit, tomatoes, kiwi and broccoli.
  • Vitamin D – it promotes tooth and bone formation and helps absorption of calcium by the body. Vitamin D rich foods include cheese, milk, egg yolks and yoghurt.

It is very important that all of these good vitamin for kids be present in the daily diet of your kids. Failing to provide it naturally, you will have to depend on vitamins and minerals for kids supplements.

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