What Is The Right Macular Degeneration Cure?

Humans consider health to be one of the most important matters as far as their existence is concerned. This is an issue that they start looking out for from their first day of existence on earth all the way to their old age. There are several reasons as to why human health may come under threat. Examples include such threats as viruses, bacteria and fungi. One of the most vulnerable stages, in the life of a human, is during infancy. This is because a new born has a body which is still trying to get accustomed to the new conditions considering it has been shielded in the womb of the mother for 9 months. There are several conditions, which are known, to take advantage of the low immunity of the newborns. One such condition is jaundice of the newborn, let’s learn some macular degeneration cure.

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What is the right macular degeneration cure? What is jaundice? This is a condition whereby the newborns develop yellow skin and their eyes become abnormally giving them a unique appearance. This condition can be attributed to anomalies that take place in the blood. The main reason why jaundice of the newborn exist is because of excessive bilirubin in their blood. This is a yellow substance that is found in the blood as a result of the breakdown of red blood cells. When someone has bilirubin in his blood, he get jaundice. The levels of bilirubin are generally higher in newborns than they are in adults. This is because the liver is responsible for the breakdown and elimination of any excess bilirubin that may be present in the blood. Since the baby was used to having all the bodily functions carried out by the mother through their placenta, adjusting to doing them on their own becomes a bit of a challenge. Their liver does not have the capacity to get rid of the bilirubin the same way a fully developed liver and this increases the chances of them succumbing to jaundice.

There are several reasons that are known to increase the chances of the baby getting affected by this condition. The main cause is the fact that the liver of a newborn may not be able to eliminate the bilirubin at the rate that will ensure that it does not accumulate. This is referred to as physiologic jaundice of the newborn. There are cases where the baby experiences neonatal jaundice. This is the case when the blood of the mother and the fetus are incompatible. This causes the antibodies from the mother to attack the blood cells of the fetus thus breaking them down into bilirubin. There are also some babies who are born with excess red blood cells, and this condition is referred to as Polycythemia.

Some of the symptoms of jaundice include yellowing of the skin, yellow discoloration of the eyes, unusual eye movements, poor breastfeeding and some babies tend to cry loudly as a result of fever. It is essential to take the baby to the doctor for confirmation once they start displaying such symptoms.

Jaundice may not require any treatment in most cases because the symptoms pass after about a fortnight. In cases where the condition is extreme, it may be rectified through phototherapy or exchange transfusion.

Jaundice of the newborn is a condition which is known to affect some babies. It is known to disappear in some days, but in some cases it may need treatment.

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