Why Is Natural Skin Care So Important?

I often get asked, “Why is natural skincare so important?”

It’s a very relevant question to ask, particularly when we’re faced with so much advertising from commercial brands with often incorrect information about what is good for your skin and what isn’t. 

A big part of what I do stems from a passion for cutting through marketing ploys and educating on genuine health and wellness.  The truth of the matter is, what we put onto our skin, we also put into our bodies.  While health-conscious individuals are becoming more and more aware of the food they place into their mouths, the same attitude needs to be taken when considering skincare products.  Whether it is lotion, oils, anti-aging serums, an acne regimen, or a scrub … our skin absorbs over 60% of what we put on our skin.  So, when the products we use are made from harmful artificial ingredients these can place an unnecessary burden on the body’s detoxification processes and on the entire immune system, including the skin.  In fact, some chemicals remain stored in the body for several months or even years before they are completely eliminated. Scary right?!

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Thankfully, there is an alternative!  Natural skincare products, made from genuinely pure botanical ingredients, not only have the ability to restore skin to good health by healing the skin both inside and outside but don’t cause a harmful, toxic build-up of chemicals in your body.  The natural properties of plant oils and extracts work internally to increase collagen production in the skin, decrease the damage caused to skin cells by free radicals and even improve oxygen and blood flow.  Perhaps the most wonderful aspect about going ‘green’ with your skincare is the ‘inside-out’ approach to beauty.  Healing of your skin will also occur externally with the skin better protected against environmental elements and you can expect to notice tighter skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and improved elasticity.  All of these elements combined lead to a radiant complexion and youthful appearance that vehemently defies mother nature’s aging process.

Before rushing out to buy the first “natural skincare” range you find though, it’s important to consider that the beauty industry is a step ahead when it comes to “green” beauty and some very clever marketing ploys are in place to mislead consumers.  With not all ‘natural’ skincare products created equal,  make sure you can recognize the ingredients in your skincare products as botanical sources and educate yourself on the harmful chemicals often found in skincare products.  Just because a product is marketed as “pure”, “natural” or “plant-based”  doesn’t mean it’s free from synthetic chemicals. After all, petroleum-based ingredients come from a source that was once ‘natural’ and, as any chemist will confirm, that can still be regarded as organic!

So, keep your skincare simple .. avoid excessively long ingredient lists with chemical names you can’t pronounce, and choose a skin care line that incorporates quality ingredients.  Not only will you need to use less, making it very cost-effective, but you can also eliminate the need for additional products such as a toner, primer, or an additional moisturizer to combat secondary dryness brought on by chemical products.  Despite common perceptions, natural products don’t have to come with a steep price and you don’t need a ton of steps to achieve beautiful skin!

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so it’s important to treat it right.

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