Yonka Reviews And Some Benefits

There is no denying that women always want to look at their best. Most of them are willing to spend more just to maintain their beauty so that others can adore it. While most are ready to invest into having the top of the line cosmetics and food supplements to maintain good looks, others tend to be keener in using other means to make the overall appearance as lovely as ever. One of the products women often used in taking care of the skin is Yonka. In this article, we will try to know more about one of the most prolific brands in skincare, the Yonka Skin Care. We will also try to learn the benefits of using Yonka Skin Care if it’s used often by women.

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The Yonka Brand:

Yonka, or Yon-ka as pronounced by others is one of the registered trademark of the Laboratories Multaler and Cie company of France. This product was created by the Muhlethaler brothers in 1954 inside their laboratory near Paris, France. Botanist Charles and Ernest thought of making a product that can be used in skin care. They were able to perfect a process of mixing essential plant oils with water based emulsion. However, to this extent they could create the Yonka, the pioneer product in Phytotherapy and Esthetic Aromatherapy. Since then, the brand name has been synonymous into creating the best products in skin care, and it became known all over the globe.

The Yonka Philosophy:

The ‘Yonka’ brand name was derived from 2 words:’Yon’ being the name of a free flowing river with purified water and ‘Ka’ which is the ancient principle of regeneration from the Egyptian mythology. The Muhlethaler brothers thought of combining the words to give the idea of continuous regeneration. The brand’s philosophy is focused mainly on 2 ideas. The first concept is all about Phytobiointegrity which means that Yonka aims to provide the maximum benefit which the plant world can give in the name of skin care. The second concept is all in the matter of personalized treatment in which there are different Yonka products to cater any skin types and conditions.


To those who have been using Yonka, or are still planning to use Yonka, here are some known benefits you can get from this skin care product:

  1. All Natural – Since these products are made from the plant oils, fragrant extracts, trace elements, and even fruit acids, every Yonka product is guaranteed naturally made and with no chemicals introduced that can harm our skin.
  2. Environment friendly product – Every Yonka product is assured to be free of those manmade chemicals that can affect ones health and even the environment.
  3. Personalize beautification – As mentioned, the second concept of every Yonka product is to make that it can provide the only skin treatment that is right for you. So rest assured that there’s a Yonka product for your skin type.
  4. Brand of quality – There’s no need to explain for this. If you use Yonka, you can be assured that it will work 100% of the time. So why settle for anything less?


Maintaining a beautiful appearance also involves skin care. When it comes to taking care of the skin, there’s no better brand that can do it of you other than the Yonka skin care. Hopefully, you have gained more information on this article about the benefits of Yonka skin care.

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